About Jade Mars


Merging technology and traditional art, Jade Mars is a multimedia artist based in South Australia. Mars creates elaborate works featuring larger than life characters in many forms, merging the boundaries between high and low art. The lexicon of Jade’s work ranges from colorful and cute to melancholic. With mediums ranging from fine detailed traditional paintings, murals, augmented reality filters, fashion and much more. Her work is littered with detail and precision which lures in the viewer to experience whimsical creatures and doll-like creations living their own lives inside her artworks.


Jade Mars graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration from Tafe SA in 2015 and has gone on to pursue her work in many forms, exploring the endless mediums she can add to her artistic arsenal. 


Mars has gone on to exhibit her work in multiple exhibitions and events throughout Australia such as ‘My Adidas’ Group exhibition in 2019 held at Mr. Goodbar Adelaide, South Australia, ‘Sensitive Sweethearts’ at Forty Five Downstairs Gallery in Melbourne, Victoria in 2020 and has held her debut solo show ‘Earth Invaders’ in 2018 which featured interactive virtual reality painting and a collection of her most current work surrounding the theme of aliens and interdimensional beings.