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Inferna is a collection of 9 original artworks by Jade Mars. An attempt at aligning the Artist's vision of Dante Alighieri’s Inferno with the trials and anxieties of the zeitgeist, an exploration of the individual's modern-day personal hells. The Divine Comedy: Inferno is one of a three-part series of poetry written in 1320. It tells the story of a poet's journey through the 9 circles of hell, with each circle becoming more and more dark and sinister. Inferno is considered one of the greatest pieces of world literature, it is a story of fury, pain, and an underlying beauty. Jade Mars hopes to take the viewer on a journey with a character (a young knight) through their own circles of hell, witnessing their own demons in the sins of humankind: the self-indulgence, malice, and violence; in order to break free from them and ascend to Paradiso or Heaven.


Mars aims to retell each of the levels of Inferno through her artwork in a personal and surreal depiction. A feminine-identifying vision of hell with elements of Medieval dark fantasy and creepy cute pastel goth; the goal is to create a vision of malevolence, horror, and violence wrapped up with a velvet bow of sickly-sweet, baroque-inspired cuteness and opulence